Professor Lesser has 3+ decades of university teaching as well as experiences as a state agency statistician, statistical consultant, high school math department chair, and university-wide teaching center director.  At The University of Texas at El Paso (a Carnegie R1 research university and HSI by the US-Mexico border), he is Professor (of Mathematics/Statistics Education) in the Mathematical Sciences Dept. as well as a UTEP Distinguished Teaching Professor. He’s won national and state teaching awards (e.g., ASA Waller, SW-MAA, UT-ROTA, Piper) within and beyond his discipline and over a score of awards in national education contests (e.g., by NSF and eCOTS). He was extensively interviewed about his career in JSE.

He’s co-authored textbooks (for McGraw Hill and WH Freeman) and published 130+ peer-reviewed, well-cited papers on statistics education, language, culture, equity, educational fun/engagement, teacher preparation, misconceptions, intuition, and STEAM.  His extensive service to the profession includes co-organizing regional and international conferences and decades’ worth of editor or editorial board terms (for JSDSE, SERJ, JMC, TEEM, and TMT).  He’s had over a half-million dollars in external funding (including his most recent NSF grant), 200+ (inter)national talks (including many keynotes), and dozens of TV/radio/print media coverages, ranging from regional NPR radio to CNN and USA Today.

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