first known airplay of songs from Sparks KTEP 88.5 FM (NPR)
El Paso, TX
WCUW 91.3 FM

Worcester, MA

KTAL 101.5 FM

Las Cruces, NM

Jewish Rock Radio
2 Jews, 3 Opinions 5/24/20
Shabbos Keeps the Jews 7/18/20
Lights Lead Home
Kind 8/16/20
Max (The Bark Mitzvah Song)
7 Circles 8/8/20
Sparks 2/22/20 5/10/20 3/2/20
2 Pockets 5/1/21
Temples 7/24/21 7/18/21
Spiritual Not Religious
Tearin’ the Sea
The Best
One-Way Train 3/21/20 4/4/21
Stack the Stones 4/19/20 8/30/20
Right Messiah
Nothing in Between
Deep and Wide
Rowboat 3/22/20
The Stone 3/15/20
Give Thanks 11/23/20


other, earlier airplay of my songs includes:

six original math jingles I wrote were performed on KCOS-TV during six episodes (3 of which first aired in October 2011 and 3 in January 2012)

my song “Healing Song” (from Ellen M. Wilson’s album Songs of Ascent) first aired on El Paso’s KTEP-FM on 9/11/2008

my math song “Domain and Range” was aired on the 9/23/2000 “Math Medley” show on Phoenix’s KFNX-AM, southern New England station WALE-AM, and

my song “Earthwoman” (from my 1992 album Afterglow) first aired on 6/16/1992 on Austin’s KGSR-FM (and Folkus’ cover of the song first aired in 1995 on KUT-FM)

my song “Big Bad Grad School Blues” (from my 1992 album Afterglow) first aired on 8/13/1992 on KGSR-FM.

(Fun fact: my very first time on radio was singing “happy birthday” Dylan-style on 5/24/1991 on KGSR-FM for Bob Dylan’s 50th birthday to win a contest!)