first airplay (that I know)

of songs from Sparks

KTEP 88.5 FM (NPR)
El Paso, TX
WCUW 91.3 FM

Worcester, MA

KTAL 101.5 FM

Las Cruces, NM

Jewish Rock Radio
2 Jews, 3 Opinions 5/24/20
Shabbos Keeps the Jews 7/18/20
Lights Lead Home
Kind 8/16/20
Max (The Bark Mitzvah Song)
7 Circles 8/8/20
Sparks 2/22/20 5/10/20 3/2/20
2 Pockets 5/1/21
Temples 7/24/21 7/18/21
Spiritual Not Religious
Tearin’ the Sea
The Best
One-Way Train 3/21/20 4/4/21
Stack the Stones 4/19/20 8/30/20
Right Messiah
Nothing in Between
Deep and Wide
Rowboat 3/22/20
Letters 11/26/22
The Stone 3/15/20
Give Thanks 11/23/20


first airplay of my non-SPARKS songs includes:

my song “Freedumb” first aired on Ron Cooke’s KTAL-FM program on 11/14/2021

my statistics song “The Gambler” first aired on the Ross Kaminsky show on Oct. 19, 2018 (Denver’s KHOW 630 AM)

six original jingles I wrote were performed on KCOS-TV during six episodes (which first aired October 14, 18, 20 in 2011, January 24,26,30 in 2012) of the children’s educational program Blast Beyond

my song “Healing Song” (from Ellen M. Wilson’s album Songs of Ascent) first aired on El Paso’s KTEP-FM on 9/11/2008

my math song “Domain and Range” first aired on the “Math Medley” show on Phoenix’s KFNX-AM, southern New England station WALE-AM, and on 9/23/2000

my song “Earthwoman” (from my 1992 album Afterglow) first aired on 6/16/1992 on Austin’s KGSR-FM (and Folkus’ cover of the song first aired in 1995 on KUT-FM)

my song “Big Bad Grad School Blues” (from my 1992 album Afterglow) first aired on 8/13/1992 on KGSR-FM.

(Fun Fact : my very first time on radio was actually singing “happy birthday” Dylan-style on 5/24/1991 on KGSR-FM for Bob Dylan’s 50th birthday to win a contest!)