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EPCC Chrysalishere, here, here, here

8/11/23 TMS service ( has “Healing Song” (35:11-38:31) then “Kind” (38:32-42:03); 8/22 Mindy email

likewise, Anusim Center of El Paso has on the 8/15/23 performances of “Kind” (0:00-2:08) and Temples (4:46-8:02)

BorderBiennial Submittable (actual video via Sharepoint or YouTube);   , 10-6 Wed-Sat 915-212-0300 

PRIMUS with Matthew Boelkins ( or Rachel Schwell (

Desert Exposure contest

UTEP 1320 SamanthaAATC conference program for conference talk early Oct. 2023


JADE Michael & Nadine Postol  1610 Wilson Place  Silver Spring, MD 20910-2229  301-758-5374

Deena Postol 301-785-7051;  Sabina Postol;  Woodside Synagogue Ahavas Torah 9001 Georgia Ave. 20910 Judah’s z-room


Consilience  issue 14

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Eric and Wendy Schmidt Award for Excellence in Science Communications, hosted by the US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine

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Milo book

JSDSE: 2023 paper galley available 3/27/23 at as of 3/20/23 for the author accepted version (and 5/16/23 for  typeset final version)

CAUSE:,  A-mu-sing winners



TX legislature: SB16SB17SB18 ,

Las Cruces song contest visit LC  page about song

Rabbi Moishy Goldstein: kosher chat and song contest (men’s winners) story in USA Today or in Florida Today


Wilcox new album

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