The page lists selected national and state awards within (e.g., ASA WallerSW-MAA) and beyond (e.g., UT-ROTAPiper) my discipline and some of my 40 awards in national education contests (e.g., Grand Prize in NSF’s 2019 We Are Mathematics Video Competition and a top prize at eCOTS 2022). 


recent national/state keynotes include 2024 NMMATYC, 2023 United States Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2022 National Numeracy Network.

2022 Winner in Activity Contest, 6th Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics, Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education

2021 winner (and 8th recipient) of the Waller Distinguished Teaching Career Award (for teaching excellence, innovation, scholarship and broader impact), given by the American Statistical Association at the 2021 Joint Statistical Meetings Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony, yielding coverage in October 2021 Amstat News (print and blog) and UTEP newsfeed

2020 11-page interview for Journal of Statistics Education series on prominent statistics educators (yielding media coverage)

Awarded (in April 2019) lifelong status of UTEP Distinguished Teaching Professor (one of about 60 faculty in UTEP’s history)

2016 winner of a Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award, a career achievement/dedication award given annual to only 10 faculty from all of Texas’ 150+ 2-year or 4-year public or private colleges; I am the 14th winner (and only one since 2012) in UTEP history of this award

Featured competitively-selected lecture on UTEP’s Centennial Open House weekend, 4/11/14

2013 Bronze Medal winner in “Best Statistics Education Web (STEW)/Census at School Lesson” national peer-reviewed contest sponsored by the American Statistical Association

Appointed service directing (for 3 years: 2014-2016) UTEP’s campus-wide teaching center (Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning), following service for CETaL as the 2013-14 Provost’s Faculty Fellow-in-Residence, as well as a member (2008-2011) of the CETaL Council of Fellows

a 2011 Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award from the University of Texas System (based on multiple levels of review of 150-page dossier of evidence, I competed against all tenured faculty of all disciplines in the 9-university UT-System, just 4 years after I received tenure)

the 2010 Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics Award for the Southwestern Section of the Mathematical Association of America

2001 recipient of the Arthur M. Gignilliat, Jr. Professorship award, top annual internal award of Armstrong Atlantic State University​ (now Georgia State University Armstrong campus)


Invited proposal review panel service in 2023 for the National Science Foundation

Peer-nominated to become an ASA Fellow, open to 1/3 of 1% of current year’s membership

Grand Prize winner (mid/advanced career category) of NSF’s 2019 We Are Mathematics Video Competition (open to anyone in the mathematical sciences who has or has had NSF funding) for video about my 2015-2020 NSF grant; screened at the 2019 National Math Festival

articles receiving recognition: (1) article (on visualization) is first in 45-year history of Teaching Statistics selected to be featured with a discussant response (and author reply) and subsequently selected to be discussed at the 10/20/23 CAUSE Research Reading Meeting, (2) article (on stereotypes) selected for 7/5/22 MTLT Journal Club meeting  (with introductory video)  and appeared in Dec. 2022 Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12, (3) article (on social justice examples) selected for 3/7/17 webinar/discussion as part of international 8-organization series “Call for Collective Action to Develop Awareness: Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education” and in 2020 for a national curated webpage on social justice scholarship, (4) article (researching educational fun) featured on 12/21/17 episode #1716 (Digest 1) of MathEdPodcast, (5) article (on mnemonics) is most-read research article (and 2nd-most overall) in journal’s history, (6) article (on inquiry learning) won “best paper award” (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning faculty award) at the 2012 International Sun Conference on Teaching and Learning, (7) article (on mathematical lyrics) is 2nd-most-read in journal’s history, (8) article (overviewing educational fun) is (as of 2023) 12th-most cited paper in journal’s history

Presented certificates for “Outstanding Efforts in Securing Extramural Funding” at UTEP ORSP (New Grant Award Recognition) Research Forum, Feb. 2016 & Sept. 2014.

Interviewed by Keith Pannell for 5/29/14 “100@100: Research for Our Next Century” episode on NPR-station KTEP-FM


National Museum of Mathematics: 1st-place in “Pi Day of the Century” song contest announced 3/14/15; also, 3 songs were winners in fall 2015 Open Set math song contest (yielding invited performance), 2 in the spring 2017 contest, 1 in the spring 2018 contest​, and 1 in the spring 2021 contest (i.e., at least one winner in every song contest offered to date by the Museum!); also, 2 winners in its 2021 math limerick contest for National Limerick Day

Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education:  Winner of at least one top-4 award in each biennial national A-mu-sing educational contest entered, and 20+ captions have been recognized in its monthly blind educational cartoon caption contests

American Statistical Association:  Best Online Submission prize in the 2014 ASA’s Got Talent and 1st-place in non-student category of haiku and meme contests

Mathematical Association of America QL SIGMAA:  1st-place award in each of two categories in its 2011-12 Quantitative Literacy in the Media contest

Sigma Xi (international honor society of science and engineering):  runner-up in the Performing Arts category and in the Film category of the STEM Art and Film Festival competition at the 2022 International Forum on Research Excellence (IFoRE)

National Science Foundation:  grand prize (mid/advanced career category) in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) 2019 We Are Mathematics Video Competition and screened at the National Math Festival


Reimagining the Core Fellow, 2022-2023

My service to UTEP’s campus teaching community, especially directing UTEP’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETaL) for 3 years (2014-2016), was publicly recognized at the 2022 “Enacting Inclusive Excellence through leadership, teaching and learning” conference of UTEP’s Center for Faculty Leadership and Development; this followed service in 2013 to CETaL as the Provost’s Faculty Fellow-in-Residence and having earlier served a 3-year appointed term as a CETaL Fellow (for which I was presented a plaque in 2011 as “Outstanding CETaL Fellow”)

Nationally-elected term Jan. 1, 2011-Dec. 31, 2013 as Publications Chair and Executive Committee member for the Statistical Education Section of the American Statistical Association

Served 2011 on the NCTM’s Professional Development Services Committee, by appointment of the president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Editorial service includes:  past terms as the Assistant Editor of Statistics Education Research Journal (3 years), an Associate Editor of Journal of Statistics Education (two 3-year terms), an Associate Editor for Journal of Mathematics and Culture (8 years), and Editorial Board member of Texas Mathematics Teacher (12 years); also, ongoing service as founding Editor of Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics (since 2009, with service since 2014 as the Associate Editor), and Editorial Board member of the Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (since 2006)

Designated in 2009 (by Frontera Women’s Foundation) as a TITLE IX Champion

Presented with plaque at my plenary keynote for the 2009-10 annual conference (March 2010) of Greater El Paso Council of Teachers of Mathematics by GEPCTM President Glen Torguson “In recognition of your support and promotion of high-quality mathematics teaching and ongoing professional development throughout the preparation and careers of teachers of mathematics.” (note: I also received such a plaque from GEPCTM President Nancy Arroyo when I gave the plenary keynote for GEPCTM’s annual conference in 2006)

Awarded certificate in 2007 from Miriam Leiva, (founding) president of the national NCTM affiliate organization TODOS: Mathematics for All, for “exemplary contributions as a leader in TODOS 2006-07.”

Publicly recognized by Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics as a Finalist for 2001 Gladys M. Thomason Distinguished Service Award for “distinguished service in the field of mathematics education at the local, regional and state levels. Criteria shall include: significant services rendered, service beyond the normal job requirements and services primarily for the improvement of mathematics instruction.”