I’m Here to Stay

Larry Lesser: lyrics       Amalia Zeitlin: melody, vocals, violin       Julio Campos: guitar arrangement

“I’M HERE TO STAY”, written March 29, 2023 for a contest that had 40 entries so though we weren’t the one winner picked, we can say we wrote a “Top 40 hit” and Larry & Amalia had fun performing it May 7, 2023 at a festival!

Living in Las Cruces — the sweetest dream:
Chile on everything, even ice cream!

Pecan orchards, vintage wines,
Mariachi music: the best of times!

The best sunsets and mountain views;
The summer clouds and deep winter blue….

(instrumental break)

Monsoon season — not a single thing compares:
Smelling that creosote in the summer air….

Small-town warmth, big-hearted mood;
Farmers market, delicious food!

Once you get here, you’ll want to stay:
Like Tortugas, you’ll give an “A”!

(instrumental break)

TAG:  Oh lovely Las Cruces, your beauty seduces,
I’ve got no excuses…. I’m here to stay!