I’m Here to Stay

Larry Lesser: lyrics       Amalia Zeitlin: melody       Julio Campos: guitar arrangement

“I’M HERE TO STAY”, written March 29, 2023 for a “love song for Las Crucescontest that had 40+ entries, so though we weren’t the one winner picked, we can say we wrote a “Top 40 hit” and Larry (guitar) & Amalia (violin, vocals) had fun performing it May 7, 2023 at a festival (here’s the performance and a post-performance photo). The studio version is on YouTube playlist for NMCO studio (and may be added to Visit Las Cruces) and debuted on Las Cruces, NM station KRUX 91.5 FM on July 28, 2023.

Living in Las Cruces — the sweetest dream:
Chile on everything, even ice cream!

Pecan orchards, vintage wines,
Mariachi music: the best of times!

The best sunsets and mountain views;
The summer clouds and deep winter blue….

(instrumental break)

Monsoon season — not a single thing compares:
Smelling that creosote in the summer air….

Small-town warmth, big-hearted mood;
Farmers market, delicious food!

Once you get here, you’ll want to stay:
Like Tortugas, you’ll give an “A”!

(instrumental break)

TAG:  Oh lovely Las Cruces, your beauty seduces,
I’ve got no excuses…. I’m here to stay!