Math & Humor

There are books on this intersection (e.g., John Allen Paulos’ Mathematics and Humor) and over the years, I’ve created various humorous items in the context of mathematics/statistics education, informed by a comedy course I took in Austin in fall 1989 from Sam Cox via UT Informal Classes that yielded a 5-minute bit at the Laff Stop.

classroom lessons driven by a syndicated comic strip: 

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selected STEM education humor-related items published

Lesser, L. (ongoing).  20+ cartoon captions (largely from winning monthly blind peer-reviewed national contests), 1 puzzle, 25 poems, 37 jokes, and 62 songs in CAUSEweb collection of statistics educational fun items; also, I have many of my math songs posted at, such as the humorous “Talkin’ Real-Life Problem Blues” (a winning song in the 2018 Open Set math song contest held by the National Museum of Mathematics)

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