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“Find, find the value of pi — starts 3 point 1 4 1 5 9.
A good ol’ fraction you may hope to define, but the decimal never dies ….”

— from Larry Lesser’s American Pi”, winner of the National Museum of Mathematics’ Pi Day of the Century song contest

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photo © Lauren Davis

Lesser during his keynote for a district-wide in-service for Cherry Creek School District’s K-12 teachers in Denver.




ABOUT THE MATHEMUSICIAN:  To support his mission to motivate learning, Professor Lesser integrates 2 great loves – math & music!  As the Mathemusician (some say “the Weird Al Yankovic of math ed”), Lesser incorporates song and guitar in interactive classes and keynotes, facilitating explorations and performing songs spanning content such as infinity, pi, and worldly contexts such as the lottery!

Lesser has 20+ awards for educational STEM songs and song videos in national contests (e.g., NSF, ASANational Museum of MathematicsCAUSEQL-SIGMAA, STEM Art and Film Festival) and has given plenary presentation-performances for regional/national audiences of:

His songs yielded meaningful learning gains in an NSF-funded randomized experiment that sparked an award-winning follow-up NSF grant for interactive statistics songs, which led to his co-founding the VOICES STEM song conference featured in Forbes.

Lesser’s math-and-music work has been featured in print media (e.g., Australia’s largest paper), institutional media (e.g., newsletter or newscast), STEM songwriter media, podcasts, and mass media (from El Paso to Jamaica!). While he focuses on secondary/postsecondary levels, Lesser has also produced material for children, ranging from a regional PBS-TV show to  The Mini Page (a syndicated supplement in 500+ newspapers with 20 million readers!).

As part of broader edutainment work, Lesser has published 100+ STEM lyrics and pioneering papers, on topics such as:

His songwriter cred goes beyond STEM: he’s also had awards, airplay, and album cuts for his non-STEM songs, including being a Winner and 4-time Finalist in the New Mexico Music Awards!