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Sacred Science (Episode 37 on math-and-religion), November 9, 2021

Stats+Stories (last 10 minutes of Episode 288 on statistics edutainment), July 27, 2023


Topic of interview Station/Show Initial Date Aired Link
Pi Day, math appreciation;


math-and-religion speaker series

Louie Saenz of El Paso’s KTEP (88.5 FM) “Focus on Campus”,

KTEP “The Weekend“;


March 15, 2019;

March 6, 2021

March 11, 2021

2016 International Sun Conference on Teaching and Learning El Paso’s KTEP (88.5 FM) “Focus on Campus” with Louie Saenz Feb. 26, 2016

gun violence El Paso’s KTEP (88.5 FM) “Focus on Campus” with Louie Saenz

NBC-affiliate KTSM-TV coverage of interfaith panel

Dec. 18, 2015 & Feb. 23, 2018;

Aug. 28, 2019


NSF-funded research on statistics & fun/music El Paso’s KTEP (88.5 FM) “100@100: Research for Our Next Century” with Dr. Keith Pannell May 29, 2014

Math & Music/Poetry El Paso’s KTEP (88.5 FM) “State of the Arts” with Mónica Gómez April 13, 2013; Feb. 21, 2009

Math & Music Kingston, Jamaica’s HOT 102 (101.9 FM) “Today with [former first lady of Jamaica] Beverley Anderson Manley” May 19, 2008 (live)

Surface Area of Desert Life, Mark and Recapture, Desert Weather, Snakes, Pi Day El Paso’s KTEP (88.5 FM) “Desert Diary” with Florence Schwein June 22, 2009; June 7, 2005; May 18, 2005; April 19, 2005; March 14, 2005, respectively

snakes and desert weather are sample shows I wrote the script for

lottery KTRH-AM (Houston), WGST-AM (Atlanta);  KFNC-FM (Houston); KUT-FM (Austin), WOAI-AM (San Antonio), KHOW-AM (Denver) April 16, 2002;

June 15, 2005;

Dec. 17, 2013;

October 19&23, 2018

Dec. 4, 2020

Jan. 20, 2021

July 28, 2022,2013.mp3

Dec. 4, 2020 appearance on The Ross Kaminsky Show; Jan 2021 appearance on Ross Kaminsky Show

July 28, 2022 appearance on The Ross Kaminsky Show

April 2, 2024 appearance of The Ross Kaminsky Show

algebra education on hour-long talkradio call-in show “Math Medley” with Pat Kenschaft on KFNX-AM (Phoenix), WALE-AM (Providence), and Sept. 23, 2000




topic representative items
overall academic career for major interview in Journal of Statistics Education:   7/15/2020 El Paso Herald Post

for winning Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award:  5/2/16 El Paso Herald Post  (with shorter 5/3/16 blurbs in El Paso Inc. and Rice University dateline news); also, the week of 5/9/16 included UTEP’s extended video (on YouTube or Vimeo) and newsfeed writeup

sustained research on language in statistics, fall 2016 UTEP Magazine

lottery 7/7/23 USA Today:

3/30/12 El Paso Times

8/28/93 Austin American-Statesman

math & music 2016 interview in the premier STEM songwriting blog:

Summer 2015 UTEP College of Science newsletter

3/14/15 El Paso Times, also picked up by the Oklahoman;

3/31/02 Herald Sun [Australia’s largest paper]:

Children’s education issues in 2015-2016 of The Mini Page (a weekly syndicated feature in 500+ newspapers with 20 million readers) on topics of Mobius stripsmath & music, and statistics polls


Topic coverage
International Sun Conference on Teaching and Learning I chaired KFOX, March 6, 2015;

KDBC-TV and KFOX, March 17, 2016

educating about the lottery twice on Austin ABC-affiliate KVUE-TV

several El Paso stations, including CBS-affiliate KDBC-TV, ABC-affiliate KVIA-TV,KFOX-TV, and NBC-affiliate KTSM-TV

the lead “Dollars & Sense” segment of Cable News Network (CNN) Headline News throughout the last weekend of August 1993

my math-and-music edutainment guest lesson I taught to El Paso middle schoolers Feb. 1, 2013 on the mathematics of stringed instruments where KFOX-TV interviewed me and some students and aired it on that evening’s news.

One of my math songs won a national “Pi Day of the Century” contest announced by the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) on 3/14/15, which attracted TV coverage by El Paso stations (KDBCKVIA, and KFOX), a 2:38 video posted that day on UTEPMiners Facebook, and the closing (and longest) story on that week’s UTEP Headlines Video Newscast (

Three other songs were winners in MoMath’s fall 2015 math song contest, which resulted in being interviewed for KFOX (watch clip) and KDBC (watch clip) 12/2/15 evening news.

Featured appearances on 6 episodes of PBS children’s educational show “Blast Beyond” All 6 episodes are archived here:


Topic Associated Organization Link
Use of video in teaching Academic Technologies, The University of Texas at El Paso
Exploring a model of the statistical median Journal of Statistics Education, or  (also, see associated webinar archived at )
Math songs Virtual poetry reading 8/16/2014 at the International Bridges conference

Invited 11/19/15 performance at the National Museum of Mathematics

Statistics songs Plenary banquet performance at 2013 United States Conference on Teaching Statistics
Interactive lecturing with answer cards; formative feedback teaching center for The University of Texas at El Paso

Statistics education outreach about the lottery Hosted by the American Statistical Association ( and the Quantitative Literacy special interest group of the Mathematical Association of America (
Gender equity TITLE IX public service announcement sponsored by Frontera Women’s Foundation, UTEP, and EPCC