some things I can offer for varied audiences:

online concert like this one I did for a region’s Jewish Federation just a month into the pandemic and I found a way to make it interactive; Congregation B’nai Zion’s newsletter gave this tribute “Many thanks, Larry, for the [online concert]. It offered comfort and distraction as we struggled to adapt to our new world of pandemic and sheltering-in-place.”‘; save on lodging/travel costs!

in-person concert ranging from an auditorium to a house/backyard, either with additional musicians or an intimate me-and-my-guitar show (my Sparks album has a taste of my solo live style on “The Bark Mitzvah Song” and “Spiritual Not Religious”, each recorded in one take for an audience), adjusting for COVID safety as needed

concert-plus!  going beyond just playing songs to include an artist talkback conversation and/or a group study session (see flyer or article) on the material underlying the songs; also possible are concerts with a song progression on a single theme such as pluralism; with Lesser, you get MORE!

scholar/artist-in-residence weekend or conference that includes multiple sessions of my Jewish music and/or scholarship

songwriting — a custom song, a songwriting workshop, or a songwriting critique/feedback session

something else….? 

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(while you probably found this page from the webpage for my Jewish album, I also write and perform secular singer-songwriter contemporary folk songs and even educational math/statistics songs and poems)