MicroSummaries of SPARKS Songs

2 Jews, 3 Opinions (L) dynamics of diverse opinions
Shabbos Keeps the Jews (L) dynamics of diverse Shabbat practices
Lights Lead Home (L) a composite Crypto-Jewish journey
Kind (L) allegory for dietary practice
Max (The Bark Mitzvah Song) (L) Jewish (canine) coming-of-age (live recording)
7 Circles (L) a mathematical motif
Sparks (L) Kabbalah
Two Pockets (L) balancing importance and impermanence
Feathers (L) perils of gossip
Temples (L) baseless hatred
Spiritual Not Religious (L) a cultural Jew’s view (live recording)
Tearin’ the Sea (L) soulmate search
The Best (L) faithfulness in the face of apparent misfortune
One-Way Train (L) Holocaust horror… and hope
Stack the Stones (L) post-Shoah Eastern Europe
Right Messiah (L) reply to supersessionist evangelism
Nothing in Between (L) seeking direct connection
Deep and Wide (L) best-of-both-worlds faith
Rowboat (L) interdependence
Bruria (L) sharp female sage of the Talmud
Letters (L) unlearned but heart-filled spirituality
Everyone (L) universal recipe for success
The Stone (L) Rabbi Akiva’s watershed moment
Give Thanks (L) gratitude

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