Songwriter Larry Lesser’s been makin’ SPARKS to warm up winter, with release events scheduled for Feb. 4 at the UTEP Rubin Center, 12:30 pm & 6 pm!

Passionate, poetic, purposeful, & playful original songs inspired by Jewish texts/values with universal lessons

Accessible to diverse believers or seekers in concert or class settings

Reaches across genres (contemporary folk with bits of rock, country, classical, and spoken word poetry) and instruments (driven by several kinds of guitars as well as flute, violin, etc.) played by top TX & NM musicians from bands, ensembles, and symphonies

Keep posted about the album — scheduled for Feb. 4, 2020 release (with pre-sale orders opening Jan. 2) in streaming, download, and CD formats from iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby, etc. to help SPARKS fly…. off the shelves; or ask about a class, concert or artist/scholar-in-residence weekend:

See lyrics, liner notes, bio/headshot, tributes, CD art, & trailer for the album!