SPARKS album!

SPARKS alight with airplay, NPR-station interviews (#1 & #2), newspaper interviews/stories, blogposts, workshops, talks, performances (concerts, festivals, opera events, etc.), museum/gallery exhibits, and international peer-reviewed articles (TJE & ISJHR)!

Praise from national artists, journalists, authors, educators, clergy, etc. for original non-liturgical non-denominational songs inspired by Jewish culture/texts with universal lessons

Awards: 4-time Finalist (including for Album of the Year), WINNER of Best Humorous Song, and invited performance at the 2021 New Mexico Music Awards!   Also, Semifinalist (top 11%) in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition!

Reaches across genres with musicians from top ensembles, symphonies, & bands!

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See LYRICS  & MUSIC  + other goodiesalbum trailer, FAQ, liner notes, photos, PR (1- or 2-page), sheet music, song summaries, tributes, & videos (L, S, K)!

note: in addition to the options at MUSIC, the CD can now be purchased at Los Portales Museum (whose current exhibit includes one of the album’s songs and overlaps with the theme of 2 others)