other statistical poets include Eveline Pye and Sara Stoudt

my poetry BIO:

my peer-reviewed papers on statistics/mathematics education poetry:

G. Karaali & L. Lesser (2021). “Arts of the heart: Mathematics and poetry.” In Bharath Sriraman (Ed.), Handbook of the Mathematics of the Arts and Sciences (pp. 967-979). NY: Springer.

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my statistics education poems

(expected July 2024). “Florence Nightingale”, “Sir Francis Galton”, in Emily Lutken (curator), “Mathematical Graffiti: Bridges 2023 Clerihew Collection”.  Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, 14(2),

(April 2024). Balderdash, Claptrap, Clerihew: Lesser Takes Another Turn for the Verse [5 clerihew poems: “William Sealy Gosset”, “Sir Ronald Fisher”, “Reverend Thomas Bayes”, “William Playfair”, and “Jerome Cornfield”]. Amstat News, no. 562, p. 7. (also on ASA blogpost)

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(July 2023). “COOKIE(X) = 1/2.” Journal of Humanistic Mathematics13(2), 513-514.

(May 2023). “Type Two”, Honorable Mention in 2023 biennial A-mu-sing competition sponsored by the Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education.

(Jan. 2023). “won over” [in “Poetry Folder: Mathematical Constants Beyond the Half-Circle“]. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics13(1), 295. (republished at CAUSEweb)

(winter 2023). “The Ellipse”. Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics14(1), 27.

(June 2021).  haiku septet on expected value (Deal or No Deal; 62% Shooter’s 1-and-1; Exchange Paradox; Negative Expected Value; Expectation in the Balance; Unbiased; The Point), won 2nd-place in poetry category of the 2021 A-mu-sing Contest (also anthologized on pp. 71-72 of Sarah Glaz (Ed.), Bridges 2023 Poetry Anthology)

(June 1, 2021). “Lottery Strategy”, “Simpson’s Paradox,” “Significance” [limericks]; Amstat News, no. 528, p. 2 [also on blogpost].

(March 2021). “Factor!al Countdown.” The Mathematical Intelligencer, 43(1), 104.

(April 2021). “Adjusted R Square” and “99.73%” [haiku], Amstat News, no. 526, p. 2 [also on blogpost].  The former was in my part of the 2021 Bridges Poetry Reading.

(Feb. 2021). “Matched Pairs”. CAUSEweb (Anthologized on pp. 71-72 of Sarah Glaz (Ed.), Bridges 2023 Poetry Anthologyhere)

(Jan. 2020). “Statistical Poetry”. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics10(1), 533-539. Introductory remarks and these 8 poems:  Systematic Sample from a Children’s Song. By Design. Stochastic Terrorism. Fail to Reject. Fast Facts. This Function Dysfunction. Multivariate. Worry Lines. [all 8 poems republished at; the first and last of these poems are anthologized on p. 72 of Sarah Glaz (Ed.), Bridges 2020 Poetry Anthology; “Multivariate” republished at  and in my part of the 2021 Bridges Poetry Reading;” Stochastic Terrorism” picked for August 2020 exhibits “One Year Stronger: Remembering August 3” (UTEP) and “El Paso Even Stronger: One Year Later” (EPCC) and in my part of the 2021 Bridges Poetry Reading. “Worry Lines” was part of the 2020 Bridges Poetry Reading (and 2020 Joint Mathematics Meetings reading), as was “Systematic Sample from a Children’s Song“.

(Jan. 2020). “ASA Day”. 1st place (non-student category) in ASA Day Haiku Contest (see p. 2 of Jan. 2020 Amstat News no. 511 or associated blogpost); republished at

(April 2018). “Mindful Means”. Amstat News, no. 490, p. 2. Republished 5/8/18 in math poetry blog edited by JoAnne Growney.

(Dec. 2017). “A Fallacy Not Assessed by Kahneman and Tversky.” The Mathematical Intelligencer, 39(4), 66.

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(April 2017). “Rhyming without replacement”. CAUSEweb

(Jan. 2017). “Moving Between Inner and Outer Worlds”.  ). J. of Humanistic Mathematics, 7(1), 275-284.  Introductory remarks and poetry, including: “Business Statistics”.  “Availability Heuristic” [republished Feb. 2017 by CAUSE]. “P(A|A) = 1″ [adapted and republished Feb. 2017 for CAUSEweb].

(Dec. 2016). “Chi-ku“, published on CAUSEweb and at

(2013; 2021). “Very Able to Know Each Variable”. CAUSEweb

(Jan. 2013). “Poetic Reactions”. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics3(1), 156-161. Postscript and poetry, including: “50-50”

(Winter 2010). “Confounded” The Mathematical Intelligencer, 32(4), 53. [republished p. 121 of fall 2019 Teaching Statistics]

(2008). “Statistic Acrostic” [co-written with Dennis Pearl]; republished in 2014 in Intersections: Poetry with Mathematics (math poetry blog edited by JoAnne Growney)

(Summer 2008). “Arrangement”. BorderSenses Literary Magazine, No. 14, pp. 103-104.

my visual statistics poems:

(2024). “Levels of MEANing”. In Bruce Torrence and Robert Fathauer (Eds.), BRIDGES Richmond 2024 Art Exhibition Catalog.

(May 1, 2018). “Variation”Mathematical Poetry (blog edited by Kaz Maslanka)

​(Sept. 2017). “New Normal”Radical Statisticsno. 117, poem on the cover [accompanied by the reflection “New Normal?” on pp. 31-33]; poem reprised on cover of issue 118 as well

(Aug. 4, 2017). “MEANings”. Mathematical Poetry (blog edited by Kaz Maslanka): [republished 7/9/18 on Intersections: Poetry with Mathematics (math poetry blog edited by JoAnne Growney); republished in summer 2019 CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly, 66 (3), 242.]