“Communication Rumination: Engaging with Sci-comm & Edutainment” keynote

Thanks for attending (or viewing here), and here are references/resources (in order of mention):

Lesser, L. (2021). 2020 Questions. Journal of Irreproducible Results, 53(2), 8.

AMS page with Frank Mariani 2020 cartoon

teaching doubling growth in my 2021 JHM paper and on Season 2 Episode 6 of “Blast Beyond” on a regional PBS station

Schonger & Sele (2020). How to Better Communicate the Exponential Growth of Infectious Diseases, PLOS ONE, 15(12), 1-13.

JSE papers on counterintuitive examples (Appendix C of Lesser & Kephart, 2011) and striking demonstrations (Sowey, 2001) are examples of educational hooks (Barkley 2019)

lottery outreach page has my lottery limerick, song, video, articles, etc.

Utts, J. M. (2015). Seeing Through Statistics (4th ed.). Cengage.

my USCOTS 2013 banquet edutainment

Linda Wang’s piece in Chemical & Engineering News on sci-comm via song

Lesser, L. (2011). “Combustion and Precipitation,” Journal of Irreproducible Results, 51(5), 25.

Wagler & Lesser 4.5-minute eCOTS 2016 videoposter on assessing your instructional materials’ readability

“Average Familiarity” xkcd cartoon

Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University

some sci-comm journals: International Journal of Science Education (Part B), Journal of Science Communication, Public Understanding of Science, Science Communication

math communication inspiration: Steven Strogatz 2014 AMS Notices piece,,,,

statistics communication inspiration:,,

Mannshardt (2021) Amstat News piece on flipped paradigm of statistics communication

Ionannidis, J. P. A. (2017). Statistical biases in science communication: What we know about them and how they can be addressed. In K. H. Jamieson, D. M. Kahan, D. A. Scheufele (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of the science of science communication (pp. 102-110). Oxford University Press.

browse “5 levels of communication” examples (e.g., machine learning), then choose a topic you teach and outline how you’d present it for 5 (or at least 3) levels of increasing complexity

my children’s TV episode on polls & surveys

my August 2016 column on polls & surveys in The Mini Page

Lesser 2020 NCTM book chapter on English language learners in statistics

Kaur’s 2023 Bloom’s Taxonomy pyramid piece in J. of Humanistic Mathematics has my Pi Day outreach articles, songs, haiku, pi chart, etc.

3-Minute Thesis competition

“Mark and Recapture” and “Desert Weather” statistics episodes I wrote for NPR-station KTEP-FM’s program Desert Diary

descriptions for multiple audiences of my research on bilingual learners learning statistics: Nov. 2009 SERJ, spring 2011 STN, and a fall 2016 university alumni magazine

my 2023 JSDSE article and video abstract (T&F tips for a good video abstract)

cartoon abstract for my 2014 paper in Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

story (and YouTube video) about Mike Morrison’s template for better conference posters


Lesser 2020 NCTM book chapter on English language learners in statistics

Discourse analysis — Lesser & Kephart Nov. 2011 JSE paper collection of some 1000 odd items spanning 13 types

Lesser (with Pearl et al.) educational fun items and papers or humor

anthem tunes in Amstat News — “Florence,” “Doin’ Statistics,” and “God Bless the ASA

Ward (2015) STEM-EO model

Grandma Got STEM